Thursday, July 17, 2014

Aqua Creek Products Collaborates with Architects

Aqua Creek Products
JUNE 2014
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Aqua Creek Products
Collaborates With Architects

Aqua Creek Products a design and manufacturer has over 100 years of combined industry experience to answer your most difficult pool and spa access questions. We make it easy by finding the best, most cost effective solution for your project. Aqua Creek achieves this by working directly with you, the architects. We will help with your specs and CAD drawings to guarantee your new developments are in good standing with the ADA.
Some requirements Aqua Creek helps with include:
  • Pool deck cannot have a slope greater than 1:48 at the lift location
  • The path from the door to the lift must be a minimum of 36” wide
  • The lift must have a 3 x 4 free deck space next to chair for transfers
  • Center line of the seat is to be no closer than 16” from the edge of the pool.
Aqua Creek is the innovator. The Original Pro Pool Lift design has become the industry standard of pool lift design and we continue to develop unique new products. Our goal is to help more individuals with different abilities enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise and play while making products able to blend into your project.
With thousands of pool lifts in the field, Aqua Creek experiences less than a 2% service rate on average.
From products to personnel, Aqua Creek provides the easiest, cost effective, efficient products and support to help you through your design process. Aqua Creek provides the industry’s best support after the sale.
In a relatively short amount of time, Aqua Creek has become synonymous with quality and customer service. Aqua Creek is preferred by many of the industry dealers and distributors because of our ability to provide consistent support for our customers and high caliber products.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Versatile ADA Pool Lift

The Revolution is our most versatile pool lift and can accommodate patrons up to 500lbs. The Revolution is the only lift offering multiple attachments such as; sling seat, wheelchair attachment, gurney attachment and a spine board attachment. With this level of versatility, this lift is ideal for medical centers, rehab facilities and YMCA’s.

Revolution ADA Pool Lift

Standard equipment includes dual flip-up armrests, flip-up footrest, 22" wide chair, 24V battery & charger, waterproof handset remote and a safety belt.

Revolution Lift with Spine Board

This lift can be purchased with an optional spine board for additional functionality. We also offer this with a head immobilizer and padded velcro straps. The flip-down clamps allow for quick release and re-attachment.

Revolution Lift with Wheelchair

The Revolution lift is available with a wheelchair that can be attached directly to the lift, we also offer a stretcher/gurney attachment for additional versatility.
Our larger rotate style lifts, such as the Revolution lift shown, are independently verified ADA compliant and rotate a full 360 degrees in either direction providing the benefit of multiple access points. We offer a complete line of 9 ADA compliant models to fit every need and every pool configuration.

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Call Aqua Creek today, our experienced sales personal are waiting to help you with your next project. (888) 687-3552

Monday, April 28, 2014

Aqua Creek Products is the ‘Total Solution for Pool and Spa Access’

We are passionate about making aquatic access easy and affordable. Our mission is to build quality affordable products providing people with greater access and opportunities.

For over a decade Aqua Creek has been producing the highest quality, most dependable pool and spa lifts in the industry. Our lifts are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. As the ‘originator’ of the Pro Pool Lift, the Aqua Creek brand has become synonymous with unique, affordable and reliable lifts.

As an industry leader, focusing on commercial applications, Aqua Creek provides products meeting Federal ADA requirements. This focus led Aqua Creek in becoming the FIRST pool and spa lift manufacturer to have 9 lift models independently tested and verified to meet these standards.

In our 12 year history we have had to accommodate a large variety of anchor applications. Our capabilities include; applications requiring extended reach, shallow decks, extended depth, wooden decks and pavers. Aqua Creek has the ability to customize lifts for any special project. Our Scout lift adapts to the majority of existing stanchion anchors. The Scout is versatile, and an excellent choice for a remodel or replacement. The Pathfinder lift features a built-in deep draft configuration and is also field reversible.

Our newest innovation this year is our Solar Charging station, an industry first. Harnessing the power of the sun, extending battery life and lowering costs of operation are great reasons for making this ideal for your next LEED project. Specifying Aqua Creek has never been easier. The CAD drawings easily assist you in specifying our products, you are able to drag and drop any of the drawings right into your project.

Aquatic designers specify Aqua Creek because of our innovative, quality products and personal service. Aqua Creek would like to be your first choice for pool and spa lifts. Call us and experience the Aqua Creek difference.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Why your health club should offer aquatic exercise programs and provide access to all?

     Pools can be a great asset for health clubs. Pools are not only great draws for families.  It allows facilities to offer multiple programs for aquatic exercise, rehabilitation, cross training and much more.  By providing access to your swimming pool you can draw in a variety of individuals of all ages, fitness and wellness levels to increase your overall membership.  Aquatic exercise is often more effective than land based exercise for strength and cardiovascular training.

     There is a growing movement towards aquatic exercise and aqua therapy emerging in the United States.  Programs include aquatic spin classes, underwater treadmill running and more.  The major benefit of these programs is they provide a low impact, pain free, calorie burning fitness program.  Individuals can enjoy a cardio workout, improved circulation, overall fitness with minimal strain on joints and past injuries.


     Health clubs can also benefit from health care’s new focus on rehabilitation methods involving aquatic therapy.  Patients recovering from surgery or other health issues are seeking a facility that can accommodate their rehabilitation needs.  New aqua therapy products provide stability in the water for therapy and rehabilitation needs. The water itself provides buoyancy which can reduce weight and impact by up to 90%. Warm water can better improve circulation and flexibility.

     The handicap industry is pushing to provide access for all individuals of varied abilities to your pool or spa. This can significantly benefit health club members and the overall business.  The ADA estimates one in five individuals have a disability.  Providing access to everyone can improve your customer base by 20%. Once an individual becomes aware of your amenities and access, they often bring additional family members and friends to your location.

     Health clubs should offer a wide selection of aquatic programs to their customers.  By providing access equipment, members of all ages and wellness levels can enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise.  Get on board with the aquatic exercise movement by investing in aquatic exercise equipment including pool bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills.  The benefits of aquatic exercise and rehabilitation are endless.   Creating programs providing equipment to support individuals in their aerobic or muscular training will increase memberships.  Aquatic exercise helps with flexibility, endurance and body composition.  As baby boomers become older and our population more bariatric the interest, excitement and participation in aquatic exercise is going to increase dramatically.  

article by
Marcia Brower
edited by
Ashlie Moody

Monday, February 10, 2014

NEW! 13th Edition Catalog

Our 2014 (13th Edition) Catalog is complete and has new products inside. Our products are categorized into 4 main categories for convenient browsing: Pool & Spa Access, Aquatic Exercise & Training Equipment, Beach Access, and Bath & Shower Access. Check out the digital version of the catalog here or contact Michelle B at - 888-687-3552 or 406-549-0769 to request physical copies.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Here is our latest troubleshooting video 'Lift Raises & Lowers But Does Not Rotate'.  This video is applies to our Scout™, Revolution™, and Titan 600™ lifts.  If you have any further questions contact customer service at 888-687-3552.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aquatic Exercise-Body and Mind!

Not only is water essential for life, also for our body and mind. There are many ways to enjoy the water and improve your health. There are various programs available for aquatic exercise, therapy, sport and training. The possibilities of water activities seem to be endless.

There are Adaptive Aquatics programs held for disabled children. The program teaches children to float in water, regardless of their disability by relaxing into a floating position. The class also goes over basic swimming skills and range of motion exercises depending on the needs of each child. Floating on your back can be relaxing and increase the child's confidence in water.  If they were in a situation where they fell into the water and had to wait until help arrived they would be safe.  The water provides an environment where the children can play and get exercise.

You do not have to be a strong swimmer to benefit from aquatic exercise. The classes are done in chest deep water. There are many aquatic classes available including spin, dance, kick boxing, yoga and Pilates. The resistance of water can help develop strength.  Using water exercise equipment allows you to vary the intensity of a workout.

Physicians often recommend and issue a prescription for aquatic physical therapy. The water allows you to move more freely and decreases pain.  Water has a therapeutic effect on our muscles allowing them to relax and increase flexibility.  The warm temperature of the water increases blood flow throughout the body.  This enables faster healing.

There are many ways to enjoy the water and regardless of your goals aquatic exercise may be right for you. The water provides a safe, low impact environment to exercise, relax or just have fun.