Thursday, August 15, 2013

How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool Lift?


  • Use only fresh water to wash your lift. Do not wash with pool water
  • Use only clean, soft, non-abrasive cloths to wipe down your lift
  • Do not store lift in pump room or near chemicals
  • Do not allow children to play on or around this lift
  • When cleaning the lift do not spray water directly on control box or battery
  • The lift may need to be bonded according to local code requirements

For service and/or replacement parts contact Aqua Creek direct at
Toll free: (888) 687-3552 International: +1-406-549-0769

To remove stains, wash affected area with mild dish soap. For stubborn spots and stains try using soft scrub with some brisk rubbing. Use white epoxy paint to touch up. Apply wax to finish.


  1. Wonderful! This tip will be very useful if an arizona pool service is not available and our pool lift would need maintenance. Thank you for posting this, I hope you can post more simple tips about Pool repair and maintenance.

  2. In this busy schedule of life everybody wants to feel relax and refreshment so that they go to the swimming pool. Now a days natural swimming pools are the first choice of every people. Swimming pool maintenance is necessary for those people have swimming pools. Different types of bacteria and algae are born in the pool water due to not maintenance of pool. So to keep the pool water fresh and bacteria free pool maintenance is necessary. Swimming pool is the essential part of the pool that should be maintain time to time. Because most of the peoples are using pool lift to jump into the pool. If the lift are not properly maintain then their must be a chances of accident. So, before build this pools everybody should follow the people who build this type of pool.

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  4. Regular maintenance to a Pool lift will help to keep it looking in a like-new condition. In fact, it's a requirement that pool lifts be maintained timely, and always at the ready for those who need a lift aside the swimming Pool.

  5. If you have a commercial pool or spa, such as a swim club, hotel, resort, etc , it requires a pool lift be installed to assist people with disabilities.Before installing any lift just check the proper location for your pool life and call the skilled one to install the Pool lift.

  6. Regular maintenance of a pool lift will help to keep it looking and performing like a new one. Gears, batteries, terminals and hinges or joints of a pool lift need to be kept clean of oxidation, which will eventually lead to pitting of the metal surfaces.

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