Thursday, September 12, 2013

Press Release - Aquatic Exercise and Recreational Equipment

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Aqua Creek Expands Into
Aquatic Exercise and Recreational Equipment

Aqua Creek is lowering the Barriers for Pool/Beach Access

Missoula, MT  August 20, 2013 For over a decade Aqua Creek has been a global leader in manufacturing a comprehensive family of pool and spa access lifts and equipment to persons with disabilities.

Today, Aqua Creek is proud to introduce a complete lineup of aquatic exercise bikes, elliptical trainer, underwater treadmill and other equipment designed to lower the barrier for pool & beach access.  This innovative new line of products can help professionals in the fitness, recreational, hospitality, healthcare, and rehabilitation services industries provide additional opportunities for everyone to enjoy the water.

"Aqua Creek is extremely proud to introduce these new additions to our family of recreational gear for those with disabilities and those who simply need assistance with their aquatic programs", states Tyler Ellendorff, Vice President of Business Development at Aqua Creek. "If a person is rehabilitating an injury, has a handicap or desires the ability to do a vigorous workout in a buoyant and cooling environment, Aqua Creek has the right equipment to support those needs", Tyler added.

Industry professionals will appreciate the simplicity in design and ease of use with the Aqua Creek line of products. Patients and clients alike will benefit from using equipment that requires no learning curve and provides fun and relaxation, while at the same time improving individual performance.

The complete line of Aqua Creek products is available from a network of independent distributors throughout North America.

About Aqua Creek
With corporate and manufacturing offices located in Missoula, MT Aqua Creek Products has been manufacturing quality aquatic access equipment since 2002. We are committed to superior quality and superior customer service.  We take pride in each and every product that we build. Our lifts are hand crafted with pride right here in the United States. We use only the finest materials and processes to provide our customers with the highest quality products.
As one of the premier manufacturers of pool and spa lifts, we offer 16 different models. Many of these lift models are ADA compliant. Our ADA compliant pool & spa lifts are ideal for both commercial and residential use. We also offer pool and shower access wheelchairs, beach access chairs, pool access steps and a comprehensive line of aquatic exercise equipment. We are constantly evolving and changing; pushing the envelope as we improve the quality, features and performance of our products with our customers in mind. Whether you need to bring your facility up to ADA standards or you need an easy way to enjoy your backyard pool or spa, Aqua Creek has a solution for you!

 For more information on Aqua Creek's complete offering visit our website at or call 888-687-3552.


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