Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trouble Shooting tip of the week.

1) My Pool lift is not working. There is no movement and no noise. 
Check your battery - Start by making sure your battery is correctly connected to your pool lift. Slide the battery into place, you should hear a clicking noise if it inserts correctly.  Also make sure to check the battery and control box terminals for any corrosion. If needed, you can clean terminals with an alcohol wipe or Q-tip with alcohol.

If your pool lift still does not work - Check your connections
Unplug the remote handset from your control box. Re-insert the remote handset into the control box using the palm of your hand. Next, unplug the actuator cable. Re-insert the cable. Now try operating the lift.

If your pool lift still does not operate you will need to check the voltage on your charger and battery.  To check your charger make sure the charger is plugged into the wall. Using your volt meter, place the prongs on the charger terminal tabs. A good charger will read around 27+ volts. If your charger reads below 27 volts, It needs to be replaced. If your charger has proper voltage and your pool lift still does not work, you will need to check your battery voltage.
Remove the battery from your pool lift. Using a volt meter (Multi-meter) place the prongs on the two battery terminal tabs. A fully charged battery should read between 25-26 volts on your meter. If it does not read that, place your battery on a 24 hour charge and then check it again. If your battery still does not increase in voltage, chances are your battery needs to be replaced. Please call Customer service.

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