Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tom's Tip

Tom's Tips

Winter is coming, how do I prepare my lift?

With winter approaching and pools closing it is important to take care of your lift during the off-season. You should always have a plan for your lift.

  • Store the battery on the charger in a climate controlled location.
  • Either move the lift into storage or cover the lift to protect it from harsh weather.  
  • If you plan on removing the lift, it is helpful to have a separate anchor installed in a storage area to keep the lift upright and from being damaged while in storage.
  • Do NOT store your lift in the pump room or near any pool chemicals.
  • Wash your lift thoroughly with fresh (not pool) water and put a coat of wax on before placing it in storage.
  • Additional tips can be found on the Lift Maintenance Card.
  • Contact Aqua Creek if you have any questions about winterizing your lift.

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